TPG 300, Komplettes Messgerät
  • Order number: PT G25 252
  • Basic unit with 2 measurement boards PI300D
  • Delivery time: 5 weeks
Display rate5 Hz
Error display1 LED, red
Filter time constant, rapid/normal/slow16 ms/160 ms/1.6 s
Weight1.5 kg
Unit of measurembar, Torr, Pa
Measurement range8E-4 – 1E3 hPa
Measurement board2 PI 300 D for 4 Pirani Gauge TPR 010/018
Measurement rate100 Hz
Measured value display15 mm high numbers
Mains requirement: frequency (range)50/60 Hz
Mains requirement: power consumption55 VA
Mains requirement: voltage (range)90–264 V AC
SafetyIEC 384, class 1, VDE 0411, part 2.80
Temperature: Storage-40 – 65 °C
Ambient temperature5 – 55 °C
Usage4x TPR 010/018