DD 016 A, Drehdurchführung
  • Order number: PF 222 010 -T
  • With FKM shaft seal and ball bearing, greased to be suitable for vacuum
  • Rotary speed can be increased by up to a factor of two if reduced service life is acceptable
  • With through shaft for directly transmitting high torques
  • With integrated FKM O-ring, installation without additional seal
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
Bakeout temperature110 °C
Rotation speed≤  rpm
Pressure range1 · 10-8 hPa to ambient pressure
Mounting orientationAny
Weight0.1 kg
MaterialHousing: aluminum; shaft: stainless steel
Nominal diameterDN 16 ISO-KF
Transferred torque1.5 Nm
Shaft connectionø 5 x 14 mm
Shaft load, axial30 N
Shaft load, radial60 N