Viewport, stainless steel / kodial / lead glass
  • Order number: 420GSG100-PB
  • Caution! Risk of injury by glass splinters. Do not use viewports which show apparent damage.
  • Please use annealed copper gaskets or elastomer seals to minimize stress inside the glass.
  • Always use washers for installation
  • Flange sizes DN16 to DN250 compatible with ISO 3669:2020
  • On the atmosphere side, the lead glass loosely lies on the vacuum glass, fixated with clamps
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
Heat up and cool down rate max. 3 K/min
Pressure range 1 · 10-11 hPa to ambient pressure
Material Stainless Steel/Kodial/Lead Glass
Nominal diameter DN 100 CF
Temperature range -20 – 200 °C
Dimension Image
A 89