ISO-KF Bulkhead Clamp

Product description

  • Suitable for use with elastomer seals
  • Nominal diameter DN 40 ISO-KF suitable for safe fixation of the HiPace 30
  • Screws and washers included
  • For mounting on a base plate with KF centering ring

Die Filterung ergab Treffer


  • Not to be used for the installation of turbo pumps! Use the fastening elements given in the corresponding operating instructions.

Technical Data

  • Holes: Number of tapped holes in base plate: DN 10-40: 6x60°; DN 50: 8x45° (Thread M5, depth: min. 10 mm)
  • Temperature range: -196 – 200 °C
  • Overpressure max.: 500 hPa