CMR 365, 0,1 hPa F.S.
  • Order number: PT R24 643
  • Flange size DN 8 VCR
  • Measurement range from 1 · 10-5 – 0.11 hPa
  • Minimal zero drift
  • Sensor in ceramic technology
  • No memory effects
  • Materials employed have identical temperature coefficient
  • Precise temperature compensation
  • Calibration test report included in delivery
  • Delivery time: On request
Resolution0.003 % F.S.
Output signal: Measuring range
Output signal: Minimum load
Bakeout temperature at the flange
Pressure max.
Full scale
Precision: % of measurement
Materials in contact with media
Diaphragm and measuring chamber
Measuring range
Measurement cable length
Nominal diameter
Response time
Pipe and flange
Protection degree
Temperature: Storage
Temperature effect: on range
Temperature effect: on zero point
Ambient temperature
Supply: Voltage V DC
Supply: consumption max.