Coaxial Durchführung, Einschweißadapter, MHV, 5000 V DC, 3A
  • Order number: XMG-os
  • Weldable via weld lip (dimension C)
  • Item no. suffix -os: Plug not included
  • A grounded shield is when the flange respectively the weld lip have the same potential as the shield
  • The specified voltages and currents refer to the following ambient conditions: room temperature, outside: dry air, inside: vacuum < 1 · 10-4 hPa
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
ScreeningGrounded shield
Heat up and cool down ratemax. 25 K/min
RemarkDetail drawing 2
Tightness1 · 10-11 Pa m³/s
Pressure range1 · 10-11 hPa to ambient pressure
Voltage5 kV DC
Current3 A
Temperature range (vacuum side)-100 – 300 °C