Balggedichtete Drehdurchführung, Manuell
  • Order number: 420MRB016
  • Hermetically sealed, suitable for UHV
  • Bellows-sealed
  • Stainless steel ball bearing with dry lubrication, suitable for UHV
  • The connection between actuator and shaft connection is not rigid. Depending on the torque, deviations of up to 5° can occur
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Handwheel
Bakeout temperature≤ 250 °C
Mode of operationOperating handle with snap-in stages in 10 ° increments
Operating temperature≤ 80 °C
Tightness< 1 · 10-11 Pa m³/s
Pressure range1 · 10-9 hPa to 500 hPa over pressure
Mounting orientationArbitrary
Weight0.55 kg
MaterialStainless steel
Materials in contact with mediaStainless steel
Nominal diameterDN 16 CF
Service life (in revolutions)500000
Transferable torque dynamic0.2 N m
Transferable torque static0.1 N m
Shaft connectionØ 6 mm
Shaft load, axial10 N
Shaft load, radial20 N