Magnetically coupled rotary feedthrough, motorized, high precision
  • Order number: 420MRM040-hm
  • Shaft connection with threaded hole (vented)
  • Magnetic coupling with samarium-cobalt magnets
  • Stainless steel ball bearing with dry lubrication suitable for UHV
  • Hermetically sealed, suitable for UHV
  • Delivery time: On request
Connection flange DN 40 CF
Control Including driver and controller
Bakeout temperature with electric parts 80 °C
Bakeout temperature without electric parts 200 °C
Operating temperature ≤ 60 °C
Tightness 1 · 10-11 Pa m³/s
Torque max. 8 Nm
Angle of rotation 360°
Angle of rotation backlash Backlash-free without torsional load
Rotation speed ≤ 30 rpm
Pressure range 1E-10 hPa – 5E2 hPa over pressure
I/O interfaces USB, RS-232, I/O-port and CANopen®
Input voltage(s) 28 – 48 V DC
Transmission Backlash-free Harmonic Drive® gear (gear reduction 100:1)
Weight 5 kg
Thread M 5
Thread depth 10 mm
Cable length 3 m
Lowest angular resolution 0.004 °
Material Aluminum blank and anodized
Materials in contact with media
  • Stainless steel 1.4301
Max. load vertical to axis (at end of shaft) 200 N
Current, max. 3.1 A
Ambient temperature -10 – 50 °C
Shaft connection With threaded hole, vented: M5 x 10
Angular deflection See diagram in datasheet
Dimension Image
A 100
B 302
C 10