Bellows-sealed precision linear feedthrough, motorized
  • Order number: 420MZF016-025-m
  • Hermetically sealed, suitable for UHV
  • Bellows-sealed
  • For motorized fine positioning of components in the vacuum
  • Easy bake-out with comfortable motor disassembly and position fixing device
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
Connection flange DN 16 CF
Resolution 0.1 µm
Bakeout temperature with electric parts 70 °C
Bakeout temperature without electric parts 200 °C
Axial force ≤ 45 N
Fastening Screws M4 x 5 (on actuator)
Operating temperature ≤ 65 °C
Pressure range 1E-9 hPa – 5E2 hPa over pressure
Precision 3 µm
Stroke 25 mm
Maximum load torque at bellows 0.2 N m
Motor type 2-ph stepping motor
Service life 10000 cycles
Dimension Image