Z-Axis precision manipulator, motorized, stainless steel
  • Order number: 420MZA100-300-m
  • Recirculating ball bearing guides and recirculating ball screw drive
  • Zero backlash and no slip-stick effect
  • Guide and drive are wear-free and maintenance-free
  • Extremely stable design concept minimizes position offset due to pressure changes
  • Limit switches fully adjustable
  • Fixing brake (currentless closed) prevents independent movement
  • Connection flange with through holes, traversable flange with threaded holes
  • Delivery time: On request
Connection flange DN 100 CF
Resolution 1.25 µm (at 1/8 motor step)
Bakeout temperature with electric parts 80 °C
Bakeout temperature without electric parts 230 °C
Bellows guidance necessary No
Operating temperature -10 – 50 °C
Tightness < 1 · 10-11 Pa m³/s
Pressure range 1E-10 hPa – to ambient pressure
Mounting orientation Arbitrary
Stroke 300 mm
Inner diameter 102 mm
Power consumption Motor: 4.8 V DC; max. 2.8 A/phase bipolar parallel; brake: 24 V DC, 0.5 A
Material Stainless steel (bellows: 316L, flange and tube 304L, housing 304)
Maximum allowable payload 25 kg
Motor type 2-ph stepping motor
Service life 10000 cycles
Pitch of ball screw drive 2 mm/Rotation
Repeatable precision 1.25 µm (at 1/8 motor step)
Dimension Image
A 190 – 490 mm
B 550 mm
C 176 mm
D 343 mm
E 91 mm
F 126 mm