Überdruckventil, DN 40 ISO-KF
  • Order number: 120VUS040
  • Protects vacuum systems from over pressures
  • Pressure relief valves with stainless steel housing
  • An exhaust hose can be attached to the KF connection at the outlet side
  • Only intended to be used for vacuum chambers. No safety component in terms of the machinery directive 2006/42/EC
  • Delivery time: 6 weeks
Connection flange (out)DN 40 ISO-KF
Connection flange (in)DN 40 ISO-KF
Tightness1 · 10-9 Pa m³/s
  • FKM
Differential pressuremodifiable to app. +/- 100 hPa
Pressure range1 · 10-7 hPa to 500 hPa over pressure
Flow rate max.200 l/min
HousingStainless steel
Nominal diameterDN 40 ISO-KF
Opens against differential pressure of200 hPa
Opening Ø55 mm²
Temperature range5 – 60 °C
TypePressure relief valve