• Order number: PF E31 001
  • High conductance due to free clearance
  • Service life: up to 200000 operating cycles
  • Delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Push rod
Bakeout temperature: actuator80 °C
Bakeout temperature: housing120 °C
Tightness1 · 10-10 Pa m³/s
Seal: HousingFKM
Seal: Valve seatFKM
Differential pressure in opening direction1600 hPa
Differential pressure in closing direction1600 hPa
Pressure max. (absolute)1600 hPa
Pressure min.1 · 10-7 hPa
FeedthroughShaft feedthrough
Weight9 kg
Conductance value with molecular flow6000 l/s
Nominal diameterDN 160 ISO-F
Opens against differential pressure of30 hPa
Service life100000 cycles
TypeHV gate valve
Valve plateStainless steel